Turnaround & Transformation

Quick identification of key leavers for profitable business. Develop action plan together with senior team, which will include:

Analysis of all costs including warehousing, logistics, overhead, production and sales to identify largest opportunities for reductions. Many techniques are used, such as breaking down cost elements based on detailed analysis of the processes, reviewing the need for some cost elements, our extensive past experience, renegotiation of external contracts, and using Best Demonstrated Practise for comparing performance between different locations or past performance.

We look at processes to see if they can be more efficient. We evaluate if some costs can be eliminated, such as closing some of the warehouses. We also evaluate the use of technology to reduce costs such as drives for reduced electricity consumption, lower pressurised air consumption, lower production waste, and other.

We help in downsizing and support management in union negotiations.

We not only advise but also have experience in managing the entire process.

Evaluate potential procurement initiatives - see the Procurement page.

We also look at efforts to quickly grow sales.

Case Studies

  • Clarity identified unprofitable accounts, and successfully negotiated new fees. Developed new approach for handling international transportation. New evaluation tool for constant feedback on underlying profitability of trips
  • Clarity was able to identified how to reduce employment by 20% and implemented reduction including works council negotiations
  • Clarity set-up the Program Management Office to deploy initial management plan, and then doubled initial savings leading to halving of losses in just 5 months and deployed plan for break-even within 12 months. The results was a turnaround from a negatives EBITDA of €7.5 million in 2011 to a profit of €0.6m during Q1 2013
  • Clarity was able to lead a major European restructuring leading to significant cost reductions and return to strong profitability, including deployment of downsizing.