Sales & Marketing

We develop business unit strategy, market entry strategy and market positioning, evaluating underlying business units business models, including proposed action plans.


  • New market entry
  • Sales force strengthening
  • New distribution channels
  • Branded and own-label
  • Evaluate potential
  • Manage CRM deployment


  • External market research
  • In-depth customer interviews
    • Find out what customers really want
    • What are the tipping points for selecting between
      different suppliers?
  • Internal data
  • Opportunity size versus effort


  • Quickly identify new trends
  • Sharpen a company's offering
  • Sales & marketing strategy by segment
  • Quick hits
  • Sales organisation & resources
  • Set-up of account management tools
  • Account management team strengthening
    • Objectives
    • KPI’s
    • Training
    • Incentives

Case Studies

  • Clarity reorganised the sales force, account managers’ targets & incentive plan, introduced and deployed CRM, built customer service department, developed 3 year strategic plan
  • Clarity conducted a European Sales efficiency study, identifying a far more efficient use of resources and set up pricing mode, and CRM Plan. Managed due diligence for potential acquisition.