SC & Procurement

Review of Supply Chain Strategy

Solution Architecture

Data Integrity

Ensure the theoretical stock on the system always perfectly matches actual stock by removing all possibilities of errors creeping in. This ensures better ordering, better availability, reduced shrinkage etc.

Forecasting and Planning

Improving forecasting is essential to improve supply reliability. A good forecast will also allow reductions in inventory and free up working capital. We try to automate those SKU’s that follow a pattern and propose solutions for those that don’t. A good planning system is based on defining optimal minimum inventory levels, set-up times, and minimum order quantities

Transport Cost

Reduce cost of goods transport through new approaches

Deploying and leveraging RFID


We review processes, organization, and create tracking tools. we look at supplier base, rationalization, tender processes...

Best Demonstrated Practice

Case Studies

  • Clarity was able to define and help deploy over €20m of supply chain efficiencies and operations cost reductions
  • Clarity was instrumental in identifying processes and plans for €10m of procurement savings